Conference Topics

Process Level APC

  • Plasma etch, CVD and ALD

    Chamber & process characterization (tool health, EEQA, finger printing, chamber matching), process models & model based sensors, dry clean, first wafer / wafer sequence effects effects, FDC (fault prediction), tool level APC, spare part assessment & qualification
  • Sputtering, P3I, and e--beam

    Chamber & processes characterization (tool health, EEQA, finger printing, chamber matching), spare part assessment & qualification,  tool level APC, arcing
  • Lithography

    Exposure tools, coater & developer tracks, tool level APC, within wafer / within die close control
  • Thermal, wet processing & CMP

    EEQA and finger printing, RTP
  • Backend

    APC for testing, die bonding, wire bonding, plating, molding
  • Metrology and R2R

    Virtual, inline, and offline metrology; soft sensors principles, large-area metrology
  • APC for legacy tools

    Hardware & software modifications, integration into existing APC systems, sensor integration

Fab Level APC

  • Fab level process control methods

    Run-to-run and wafer-to-wafer control, realtime control, control algorithms, defect inspection, test structures (wafer), sampling strategy
  • Virtual metrology

    Application of process models, control density improvement, reduction of measurement operations and non-product wafers, throughput increase
  • Yield management

    Prediction and improvement of product parameters and yield by use of APC methods, novel methods of yield modeling and management
  • Factory data analysis

    Real-time data collection aggregation, classification and quality, process and equipment
    capability, mathematical methods and model creation, novel methods of data visualization
    and data analysis
  • IT infrastructure

    Tool interfaces and communication, sensor / actuator bus, interfaces, demands on new standards

Manufacturing Effectiveness and Productivity

  • Unit process & equipment productivity

    Throughput and uptime improvement, cycle time and variability reduction, non-productive wafer and substrate reduction, tool and unit process related productivity improvement
  • Factory productivity and automation

    Factory scheduling and dispatching optimization, throughput and uptime improvement, cycle time and variability reduction, automation-related productivity improvement, master data management, tracking of materials, spare parts and consumables, production planning & control, wafer handling, maintenance strategy, lean manufacturing
  • Factory modeling, simulation and optimization

    Design for manufacturing, future factory design, capacity and cost modeling, yield modeling & improvement, novel methods of manufacturing data analysis and visualization
  • Cost optimization and end-of-life equipment issues

    Fixed and variable cost reduction, cost of ownership (CoO) and overall equipment efficiency (OEE), unit cost modelling, equipment and maintenance optimization
  • Environment and Green Manufacturing

    Global ESH strategies, facilities operations, facility systems reliability improvements, manufacturing sustainability and resource conservation