Tutorial 2

Psychology in daily business

April 08, 2019 - 09:00

We will have a short look on several topics of interest for our daily business for better understanding of behaviour, thinking, acting & deciding, e.g. 

  • Why do I only see what I need to see?
  • Competence & competence development
  • Why I do not know what I do not know?
  • Why are projects out of line in terms of time and costs?
  • Why is it so hard to kill a project?
  • Is more information always helpful?
  • Learning curves: Do I judge the past correctly?
  • Behaviour in a group
  • Better to do nothing than something with side effect?
  • Change is always bad - or? About dealing with ideas and innovations

The goal of this tutorial is to convey that technical thinking and working is not enough and that basic knowledge about psychology is mandatory for daily business for everyone.

Dennis Föh

He has received his diploma in physics from the University of Göttingen in 1994. After working for the HSG IMIT in Villingen-Schwenningen, he has started as an plasma etch process engineer for Micronas in Freiburg in 1996, working in process sustainment and later in process development for CMOS and sensor applications. During this time as a process development engineer, he has been working on in situ measurement tools in plasma etch area and APC methods in general. Since 2005 he is acting as Manager APC and since 2015 as Senior Manager APC being responsible for the FDC and R2R deployment at Micronas. He started also to dig into psychological themes for better understanding of problems during APC deployment and resistance against changes in general.