Conference 2014


Title Presenter Company
#41 Application of Self-starting Multivariate Control Charts to a Dry Etching Process Alice Guerini University of Pavia, Italy
#42 Monitoring power efficiency to track parts consumption and improve chamber matching in plasma etch chambers Maurizio Henin STMicroelectronics
#46 FDC on Plasma Etch Tools – Recipe Independent Monitoring by Normalization Günter Hayderer ams AG
#37 Dynamic sampling of oxide thickness measurements for DNZ thickness measurement in vertical diffusion tubes Michael Bauer Texas Instruments Deutschland
#50 State validation for EWMA based R2R controllers Ulf Seidel Infineon Technologies Dresden
#55 Enhancements of FDC Systems for legacy fabs Andreas Feustel Robert Bosch GmbH
#48 Wet bench throughput improvements through modelling Bas de Kruif TNO
#53 Simulations of the Transportation System in the Photolithography-Bay at the IFD 300mm-Fab Germar Schneider Infineon Technologies Dresden GmbH
#56 Chlorosilane monitoring system for an Epitaxy Plant Daniele Lavalle Techno Fittings
#70 Pulled forecast out in semiconductor factory Margherita Pero Politecnico di Milano
#73 Analysis and Prediction of FAB's Work in Process Boaz Lerner Ben-Gurion University
#36 Germanys` orientation towards functional production IT – a new paradigm for upcoming APC Solutions Konstantin Konrad Fraunhofer IPA
#57 Yield Improvement in legacy semiconductor manufacturing lines with modular process control and mobile devices Jochen Kinauer AIS Automation Dresden GmbH
#62 Multiple output parameter optimization by a combined random-search, steepest gradient algorithm Wolfgang Weiss Texas Instruments Deutschland GmbH
#80 The Causal Analysis of Product Faults in a Semiconductor Manufacturing Line Using a Data Mining Approach Chang Ouk Kim Yonsei University
#82 Adaptive Fault Detection and Classification Model Based on Decision Tree Learning with Structural Signal Features Chang Ouk Kim Yonsei University
#88 Equipment Health Factor in Photo Lithography Gerhard Lippl Infineon Technologies Austria
#83 In-Situ process control for Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) Johann W. Bartha TU Dresden