Accepted Posters

Titel Submitted by Company
Sensitivity Enhancement of Plasma Monitoring Signals for Plasma Etching and Deposition Processes by Multivariate Analysis Techniques Heeyeop Chae Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU)
3D Automatic X-Ray Inspection System Yoo Yeob Jung Nanotech Digital GmbH
Printed 2D sensor for pH measurements – the pH Pen Katja Harms CTR Carinthian Tech Research AG
Photoresist Dispense Detection Alexander Großer Robert Bosch GmbH
Estimating wafer chuck angular velocity from video data Manfred Mücke Materials Center Leoben Forschung GmbH
Sensor Integration For Cost Reduction and Avoidance Michael Neel INFICON
System and method for Throughput Recipe monitor and Capacity degradation detection Sara Tosini STMicroelectronics
Statistical Throughput Monitoring For Enhanced deViation dEtection & Recovery Giuseppe Fazio STMicroelectronics
Job-shop scheduling with optimal inclusion of work-free night shifts Alexander Aschauer TU Wien
Application of the CPPS meta-model for implementation of Industrie 4.0 Administration Shells Mario Thron Institut f. Automation und Kommunikation e.V.
An impact evaluation approach for smart factory cases Andreas Felsberger Alpen-Adria Universität Klagenfurt
Survey of Wireless Sensors for Sub-Fab Environment Michael Davis INFICON
Novel challenges for root cause investigation in semiconductor manufacturing Martin Pleschberger KAI - GmbH
An experimental proof of the different granularity levels of automated-generated long-term simulation model Igor Stogniy TU Dresden
Cybersecurity Attacks in Semiconductor Supply Chain Environment Alireza Esfahani Instituto de Telecomunicações (IT)
Robustness against Covariate Shift of Water Chiller Models for Optimal Energy Management in a SM plant Federica Acerbi University of Pavia
Evaluation of Visual Decision Support Systems used in Semiconductor Industry Alexander Gaal Fraunhofer Austria Research
Legacy Control System Replacement Christopher Bode INFICON
Machine Learning Techniques for Automated Wafer Health Assessment using Wafer Test Data Anja Zernig KAI GmbH
Networking the APC-Systems into a Fab Software Landscape Andreas Feustel Robert Bosch GmbH - RtP1
Dimension Reduction using Feature Selection for Root Cause Analysis Peter Czerner Elmos Semiconductor AG
Interactive Stack Wafer Map with Feature Selection Capabilities Peter Czerner Elmos Semiconductor AG
RFID – based Wireless Sensor Network for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment to enable Predictive Maintenance Christina Hirschl CTR Carinthian Tech Reserach AG
Predictive Pump Monitoring utilizing Deep Learning - A Use Case Study for Cognitive Power Electronics 4.0 Martin Schellenberger Fraunhofer IISB
Clustering of product tests for improving multidimensional data analysis and the identification of suspicious devices Jenny Bartholomäus Infineon Technologies Dresden GmbH